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Ian Whittemore

About me

Working in an agile environment as a full-stack software engineer, I focus on writing clean and commented code to ensure collaboration within teams is effective and enables easy future updates while maintaining the vision of the product. I have been interested in computers from a young age when I started creating 3D designs for my mom’s architecture business, this entailed gathering customers’ needs and translating them into end products. I learnt more in school and my love for computer science grew from there. In university, I studied computer science and business, which has made me really aware of how the usability of websites and software can affect the success of a business. In general, software that is intuitive performs well and is generally fun and simple for the user, I have a good understanding of what users need and am able to materialise my vision in the design. In school, university and work, I have enjoyed public speaking and participating in competitions and open days so I am comfortable communicating ideas and information in large meetings or in small team settings. 

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