About Me

My name is Ian Whittemore and I am a student at The University of Buckingham. I studied a two-year bachelor degree in Software Entrepreneurship. I was able to receive a first class degree with honours. This degree is a major in computing and a minor in business. This is done in two years by reduced holidays compared to other universities, having only 13 weeks off a year compared to upwards of 3 months. I am currently working on a sponsored master’s degree in computing by research. Throughout my education I have had a strong academic focus, including four A’s for A-level equivalents for South Africa as well as two public speaking awards.

I am skilled in interface design as from a young age I have assisted in producing 3D virtualization of houses, this transforms 2D plans into high quality walk-through designs so people can experience their future property. I am hands-on designing what looks and feels the best for the individual application and how easily it can be made functional for others to ensure it’s something that they will enjoy using.

I am extremely interested in business and have learned a lot about this from my degree. Having an entrepreneurial mind, I founded two businesses while studying at University. As all businesses do, I ran into problems and had to find creative solutions to solve them to continue on. I am continuously researching new ventures; how to handle different situations and create new ideas to further develop existing businesses. I feel that what I have learnt in my modules at University and my experiences working will help me succeed in a role that may need a business outlook.

Buckingham University 1st Degree

Awarded Bachelor Of Science First Class in Computing & Software Entrepreneurship 

First Place Award

The Enterprise Competition sponsored by the Engineering in Business Fellowship (EIBF)


Certificate Of Recognition

Russell IPM award for developing an industrial database to be used in the pest management field.

IEB National Senior Certificate

Bachelor’s Pass (South African equivalent of A levels)
4A’s and 1B

Distinction in Business

Curro Hillcrest 


Certification of Completion

Udemy Certificate for Completing Learning AI with Tensorflow